Health checkups

Health checkups Our facility takes care in providing complete healthcare services, including in-depth Full Body Health Check-ups, a dedicated General Physician OPD, and leading-edge lab capabilities. We guarantee accurate diagnostics for prompt and precise treatment thanks to our leading-edge lab resources. In the outpatient setting, our skilled general practitioners offer expert treatment while addressing a […]

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Advanced test facilities

Advanced test facilities With our advanced equipment, you can expect top-tier medical testing. Our extensive selection of testing, which includes X-rays, MRI scans, ECG, OPG and CT scans, is available at reasonable pricing. We ensure reliable results to aid in exact diagnosis by utilizing cutting-edge technology. Furthermore, our simple pick-up and drop-off ambulance service ensures […]

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Optometrist eye care

Optometrist eye care A dedicated optometrist, is committed to offering effective solutions to individuals grappling with various eye disorders. With a profound understanding of ocular health and vision issues, she brings clarity to her patients’ lives. Through comprehensive eye examinations, precise prescription fittings, and personalized eye care guidance, she empowers her patients to make informed […]

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Kidney care

Kidney care Nephrologists play a crucial role in safeguarding your health by managing and treating kidney ailments. Expertly handling conditions like chronic renal disease, kidney infections, kidney stones, and urine infections, these specialists are vital for complex or severe kidney issues. If advised by your primary care physician, seeking the expertise of a nephrologist ensures […]

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Physiotherapy Shiv Sadhana doctors, a skilled Rehabilitation Professional, who embodies the principle of customized care. With the phrase “Each body is different; therefore, each rehabilitation must be different,” they advocate for personalized ways to recover. Their positive outlook reframes setbacks as opportunities for growth: “Don’t be depressed or upset about your injury scenario. What happened […]

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Diabetes & thyroid specialist

Diabetes & thyroid specialist Shiv Sadhna foundation is renowned for their thyroid and diabetes doctor who hold MBBS, MD, and PGDM as well as a Fellowship in the Thyroid and Diabetes specialty. Our doctor’s expertise is only exceeded by his cooperative and sympathetic nature after a dedicated 10-year career. Our Doctors are not only concerned […]

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We are Shiv Sadhana Foundation, is proud to announce the inauguration of our Charitable Health Centre on May 25, 2023 in Delhi NCR.

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