Ophthalmology OPD

Ophthalmology OPD

Shiva Sadhana Foundation, a beacon of hope and compassion in the healthcare sector, has made significant strides in providing essential ophthalmology treatment through its Outpatient Department (OPD). With a mission to ensure vision for all, this foundation has become a vital resource for those seeking quality eye care services.

The OPD at Shiva Sadhana Foundation is an information center where highly competent ophthalmologists and dedicated medical personnel work hard to diagnose and treat a variety of eye diseases. They do thorough eye examinations, prescribe corrective lenses, treat eye infections, and provide urgent care for more serious conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, and retinal abnormalities.

Shiva Sadhana Foundation not only restores sight but also improves the quality of life for innumerable people by offering ophthalmology therapy through its OPD. Their commitment to promoting eye health and reducing avoidable blindness exemplifies their noble aim, making them a light of hope for anyone in need of ophthalmic care.

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We are Shiv Sadhana Foundation, is proud to announce the inauguration of our Charitable Health Centre on May 25, 2023 in Delhi NCR.

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