Homeopathy OPD

Homeopathy OPD

Our Health Centre is proud to have a seasoned practitioner with a decade of specialized experience in the Reversal Diabetes Program. Unlike conventional approaches, our expert focuses on managing diabetes naturally, minimizing reliance on medications. His methodology draws inspiration from homeopathy, specifically the “like-cures-like” concept. By employing diluted substances that induce symptoms in healthy individuals to treat similar symptoms in diabetic patients, he offers an innovative perspective on diabetes management. Rooted in holistic healing, our homeopathy doctor’s deep understanding and unwavering commitment empower patients on a transformative journey towards improved health and a diabetes-free future. Their extensive knowledge and dedication make a significant impact on the lives they touch.

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We are Shiv Sadhana Foundation, is proud to announce the inauguration of our Charitable Health Centre on May 25, 2023 in Delhi NCR.

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